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About Us

Of the few gift baskets that I have personally received, one basket was particularly memorable. It was a fruit basket brimming with fresh fruit nestled in a pretty light green wicker basket. Others still, were memorable for all the wrong reasons. Although I was grateful to the sender and very much appreciated their thoughtfulness, I must admit, I found some of the products disappointing both in terms of quality, taste, and the limited quantity of products that were contained within the gift itself.

As a result of this observation, I began initially to create custom baby baskets loaded with full-sized bath products, adorable baby outfits, plush animals and a variety of other useful items that I was both proud to give, and, as it turned out were warmly received.

This concept is the model upon which Wrap Artist Baskets has been built. You will notice that we have chosen to illustrate a few select gift baskets in the various categories, namely because all of our gift baskets are original in design and are created with that very special recipient in mind.

Careful attention is paid to providing value to you, our customers. Wrap Artist Baskets come beautifully wrapped, but most importantly, it will be evident to your friends, family and valued customers just how much they are appreciated. Whatever the occasion, yours is a gift basket that will be remembered for a very long time.

Artistically yours,

Judy Smith
Artistic Director, Wrap Artist Baskets